After Stroke

...Finding Your Way Back

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The Glendora After Stroke Support Program

The Glendora After Stroke no fee program has been meeting on Wednesdays for over 30 years. The After Stroke Center is a warm and welcoming place that provides weekly programs and services for stroke survivors and their families.

We provide the stroke survivors and their families an opportunity to share their concerns with other group members who are facing similar issues.

We encourage stroke survivors and their families to discover and develop skills that allow them to cope with their new roles in the family and community.

We provide information to the stroke survivors and their families about current stroke innovations and available resources.

We provide support groups, education, entertainment and field trips.



Sonia Schubach, Director
Pat Kelly, Assistant Director
Pam Bourque, Aide
Desiree Hernandez, Aide
Rosa Cruz, Aide
Florence Vetter, Volunteer
Jim Foote, Stroke Survivor, Volunteer
Lee Figgins, Stroke Survivor, Volunteer
Tony Britton, Stroke Survivor, Volunteer
Vangie Sloan, Stroke Survivor, Volunteer