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Members' Testimonials

We like the Glendora After Stroke Program because...

It's helping get my father back to normal again. Glenda

We can share our experiences and meet up with friends, Angelo

We are family and no one cares like family. Affords me caregiver sanity. Elinore

It's an opportunity for fellowship. Tony

It gives me an opportunity to express and get ideas on how to handle any problem or to talk about plans and happenings. Sue

It's an opportunity to meet others with the same problems. Dan

I meet a lot of new people and make them feel welcome and invite them to come back. It’s a great place to come to and get help with your stroke. Mary

Exercises, classes, trips, bingo and the people. Joe

Of the current events, the other stroke survivors just like me. The field trips are fantastic! Melody

It helps me keep my sanity by meeting new people that I can relate to. It keeps me informed. Vickie

It feels like a community of support for stroke survivors. Pete

Everyone here is my family. Molly

The center has been a Godsend for me. I enjoy my friends and enjoy the way we all get better each day. I feel that these friends will be life-long friends. Vangie

I like the socialization with friends and the activities. Ron

I like the companionship of fellow stroke survivors and helping people with similar problems. Jim

I love to see my friends as we can’t talk much anymore. Betty

I look forward to spending time with my stroke family each Wednesday. Ernie

We like the activities and the socialization with friends. Larry and Marge

I learn new things. John

I feel welcomed. Laura

My friends know what I am going through. They have helped me a lot. This place is amazing. I make Wednesday my day here. Yolanda

I gain confidence that I am not alone and can learn to do a lot more than I thought. Helen

More chances to get out and circulate, Brian

It means I am able to get out with friends and visit with them.Rae

My family and I don't know what I would do without it. Roger

You feel like everyone is part of your family.

My family and I don't know what I would do without it. Roger

Nice place to see people and talk about your feelings Lynn

You feel like everyone is part of your family, Anonymous

It means a lot, very intersting. Pauline

It helps me be aware of what I went through. I meet nice people. Joe D.

I have been blessed to have a place where everyone has had similar experiences with the challenges of dealing with after stroke issues. As a bonus we have amazing leaders. I have met life-long friends and I have had the opportunity to share this season of my life with others.Rosemary

Friendship, everyone knows your name, support and hope! Cherie

Fun and informative. Nadine